The new era on energetic generation: Biomimicry

The European Union Energy Portal highlights the role of biomimicry in the search of energy transformation that allows the long-awaited sustainability, widely spoken today. It shows our discipline as an emerging sustainable model capable of creating environmentally friendly, efficient and economically competitive technologies. First, it highlights the advances in the area of ​​power generation. For instance, he describes how researchers are investigating the nanostructures of butterfly wings and plant leaves to develop better solar cells. Second, it demonstrates that through advances in turbines inspired by whale fins and other organism's appendages, it has been possible to advance in the development of high performance, silent and less wear-prone wind solutions. 

The article also shows how biomimicry has been applied to develop energy storage alternatives. In this area, studies are being carried out on how plants and animals store energy as fats or carbohydrates. The purpose is to develop advanced batteries for the transport and lighting sector for example. Finally, it shows how the discipline has the potential to transform the way we use and consume energy. Researchers around the world are studying processes such as temperature regulation on termite mounds or the thermal properties of polar bear fur. Its objective is to create new materials and designs that can reduce the consumption or waste of energy, thus eliminating the use of fossil fuels and avoiding carbon emissions. 


Source: EU Energy Portal

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