We are a space about biomimicry for sustainability

We encourage people and businessess to discover how nature can teach us how to improve our products, services through biomimicry.

Our organization is aligned to other sustainability models and the United Nations sustainability goals.

Our way to do

Our Mission

To expand the accessibility and visibility of biomimetics as a guiding concept towards sustainability. Our key drivers are learning this knowledge and showcase different biomimetic products and services that are available for different sectors and disciplines.

Our intention

Help to create projects that respect nature under the context of biomimicry, through the understanding of an ethic that inform positively different sustainable value chains of products and services.

Our values

· We respect nature and are inspired by the solutions it presents· We strive to contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability· We believe cooperation is more productive than competition· We believe that more people should be aware of how to become more sustainable

Our codes

· We only work with ethical businesses· We strive to use green logistics whenever possible· We want to build a community that aligns with our values· We strive to build and grow a long-term ecosystem of nature-inspired companies· We want to develop the business through a bottom-up approach, working in collaboration with our community

Greenroad stores information biomimetically

Greenhost is a green hosting server that employs 100% dutch wind energy sourced locally.

Greenhost DNA contains sustainability as a fundamental topic. Hence, it follows three life’s principles:

Be locally attuned and responsive
Be resource efficient
Integrate development with growth

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