What if we combine eolic energy and nature?

The installation of wind energy around the world continues on the rise and might reach a scale in the t future equals the prices of other energies based on fossil fuels such as oil. Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland are installing this type of turbine on offshore platforms, generating significant amounts of electricity to supply towns and cities. A recent study by the University of St Andrews in Scotland carried out in these wind farms has yielded a discovery with an extremely positive impact on nature’s conservation. The bases that support these structures (masts) found underwater have become scaffolds over which organisms such as lobsters, crabs and other marine organisms can live in community. Even the observation of corals made up of different species has been reported.

This result shows that these parks, which forbids the entry of fishing boats, container freighters or oil vessels for example, can become conservation sites where endangered fauna such as corals and marine vertebrates among others are restored, thus restoring vital ecosystems for the continuity of life on earth. In this stunning case of biomimicry, nature and clean energy technology are intertwined through the following principles of life:

  • Incorporate diversity.
  • Use locally available energy.
  • Build from the bottom up.

Source: Anthropocene

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