Cardiac tissues inspired by Biomimicry

Good cardiovascular health is a main element for communities and populations around the world to grow in well-being. At one extreme of this is a poor diet rich in cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and genetic predisposition to heart disease. On the other, a vegan diet, an active life and a low predisposition appear that reduce risk. And along the spectrum, there are a whole series of nuances that make it necessary to use medicine and technology to take care of our heart, arteries and veins that comprise our cardiovascular system. Today, related diseases are one of the most common causes of death in the world.

 A recent article highlights the role of biomimicry in the creation of microenvironments that make the creation of cardiac tissue possible, given the need for its repair and regeneration. The discipline has focused on mimicking biochemical cues, mechanical stimuli, coordinated electrical signals, and interactions between cells. In the same way, teams of engineers and doctors work together to generate shared knowledge in the development of scaffolds that allow the development of tissues that can be applied to the heart as well as strategies that allow the total replication of its electrical function.

These approaches have generated hope in the development of better solutions for patients with heart diseases. Being able to regulate such essential processes as cellular responses and tissue growth will surely result in the emulation of the physiological characteristics of the heart with vast implications. Let's imagine for a second therapies that can completely replace cardiac tissue, being able to completely replace complete sections, external and internal valves and vessels that ensure the performance of one of the most important organs.

Source: Cureus         

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