Plastic material's alternatives that employ biomimicry principles

The North American company Westrock has been acclaimed in recent months thanks to the sustainable value it adds in the realm of the plastic industry. It all starts from the procurement area ​​​, where tree fibers that belong to forests with sustainable forestry certifications are gathered. Landowners must comply with accreditation to programs such as ATFS and FSC ®. The company not only operates its tree based fiber acquisitions in the United States, but also in Europe, Brazil, India and Southeast Asia. This sustainable way of managing the forest allows the conservation of ecosystems within these borders , following the biomimicry principle of "Integrating development with growth".

Further down the chain, factories where fibers are processed into final products such as food, beverage, and personal care and beauty packaging recirculate water, reuse high-value chemicals, recycle and reuse by-products. Thereafter, in the product conversion stages, paper is converted into innovative packaging solutions that promote the circular economy, manage a decrease in the use of plastics, and support sustainability goals. Once used by customers, the products are recycled or naturally degraded due to fiber´s wear. All these processes together make the life principle “recycle all materials” come true at a great scale.  

Source: Westrock

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