Batteries inspired in snakeskin

Wearable Lightweight Component Assisted Robotics (SWR) devices have made great advances and are used in areas such as therapeutics, wearable sensors, human mobility, and everyday activities, among others. These electronic components need batteries for their correct operation. 

Recently, scientists at the Institute of Machinery and Materials in South Korea have developed a biomimetic-inspired battery that emulates snake skin. This innovation stems from the fact that its design uses morphing materials and shapes based on origami and kirigami. The battery is made up of units of scales that overlap and are highly flexible and elastic. These characteristics allow a high storage capacity (high energy density) and high resistance to damage. The structure also allows bending and transforming its shape, coupling to the device in which it is desired to integrate. 

The results obtained are staggering. The battery is able to maintain its performance even under deformation conditions and when it is  subjected to 90% stretching. In fact, it is expected that in a short time it will be possible to integrate this technology for the rehabilitation of elderly patients or robots with artificial muscles.

Source: AZO Materials

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