AIRBUS: Like an eagle

The renowned airplane builder AIRBUS has created a prototype for high performance wing tests aimed to reduce the environmental impact of all their aircrafts. In this case, It has implemented biomimicry taking eagles as an inspiring model, since these organisms are able to fly at great heights and over long distances thanks to their ability to alter their wings in shape, extension and area. All in all, their flight autonomy depends on the active control they have over these limbs. 

With this in mind, the sustainable development of these wings involve gust sensors, pop-up spoilers or plates that dynamically deflect air currents, multi-function exit perimeters that change surface areas, and semi-aeroelastic hinges. The idea is that the model can be integrated into any type of aircraft and propulsion system. Its relevance within the company is so high that it is part of the portfolio of fast track projects with no dependence on external suppliers.  

Source: Aviacionline 

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