5 food technologies based on biomimicry that can help agains climate change

Forbes magazine has recently published an article where it highlights companies that have created products and services within the framework of agriculture and food and use biomimicry for their production and design. Here are some of the examples described by the magazine:


  1. Beflow: Based in Los Angeles, It studies the key variables involved in pollination, including chemical signals between bees and flowers to make this process more efficient. The company sells products for crops such as avocados, strawberries, and almonds, achieving an average increase of 32% in productivity. Reducing the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers helps significantly in the fight against climate change.


  1. Rethinking the production of commodities using fungi: Mycelium, structures with shapes like roots could be key, since mycoproteins contained therein possess high fiber and protein with low carbon footprint and can be produced in different environments. Today, different companies have shifted to this direction to produce commodities such as coffee, palm oil and wheat in different ways.


  1. Generating new categories with diverse sources of plant-based food is another approach. On day 75% of our diets consist of 12 vegetables and 5 animals. Therefore, different companies are dedicating themselves to diversifying the portfolio. For example, Simple Mills uses nutrient-dense watermelon seed flour and coconut sugar, growing it using regenerative agriculture.


  1. Employ artificial intelligence to reduce food waste. Taking into account the concept of circular economy, Afresh company uses its technology to predict and manage food inventories in large food retailers. Artificial Intelligence optimizes the quantities that the producer must deliver and the distributor order to the supermarket.


  1. Development of products with the premise of ¨Climate is first¨. It is very difficult currently to change mainstream supply chains. However, in order combat climate change is compulsory. For example, Planet FWD is a technology company that manages the carbon consumed by the supply chains of different companies, also looking for alternatives to decarbonize them.

Source: Forbes

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