TCI presents VeCollal ® a collagen based on biomimicry similar to its human counterpart.  

Through precise molecular analysis of amino acid sequences (the structural units of proteins) the Belgium-based company TCI has been able to reproduce the complete structure of collagen found in humans. In this way, the company has emulated nature, using the sequence to produce it from plant organisms. Its purity and quality has been recognized by beauty brands and food supplements. Cision magazine highlights that in recent years awareness has grown in environment protection and health among consumers, who have turned to collagen produced from plant sources.

Compared to bovine collagen, Velcollal ® vegan collagen reduces carbon footprint by 15%, that is, a reduction of 12,039 tons of carbon emissions when 500 tons of the product are produced . Likewise, in terms of consumption, producing this amount uses 6,874 tons of water.

Source: Cisco PR News

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