Mud that restores sandy soils for agriculture and conservation

In the UK, conservation and agriculture expert Jake Fiennes has rebuilt wildlife and recovered poorly nutritious soils through nature-inspired strategies. The specialist has been able to create a bridge between conservation and agriculture. Through a rotary ditcher machine, deep holes are dug in nutrient-deficient sandy soils and filled with stagnant water from chalk-formed aquifers, creating nutritious mud. The machine uses part of this muddy substance to throw it around and enrich adjacent soils.

Thanks to this technique, the saline water’s stream system has been recovered in the Holkhalm state of Norfolk, England. This enables agriculture in the post-Brexit era while allowing nature conservation. The biomimicry principles that have been used for this success story are: 

  • Incorporating diversity. 
  • Use of materials and available energy. 
  • Cultivate cooperative relationships. 
  • Build from the bottom up. 
  • Use of low energy processes. 
  • Recycling of materials. 
  • Use of water-based chemistry. 

Source: The Guardian|Down to earth

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