Circular economy bill approved in Mexico

On October 18, the commissions on the environment, natural resources and climate change and second legislative studies of the Senate of the Republic of Mexico approved the general circular economy law (LGEC). The project aims to reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduce the production of waste. Circular economy is part of biomimicry, specifically in the life’s principle “be resource efficient” ” and the sub principle “recycle all materials”

The technical secretary of the Senate Jatziri Pando pointed out the most important points of the bill: 

1.A zero waste policy at federal level 

2. Present a circular economy plan at the federal, state and municipal levels. 

3. A reused, recycling and reuse policy is promoted. 

4. The companies producing electrical or electronic equipment must present a waste management plan. 

5. Incorporate educational modules on this topic. 

6. Inclusion of waste collectors or “pepenadores”, promoting human rights of informal groups. 

7. Creation of administrative sanctions to guarantee compliance with the law. 



Source: Infobae

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