Wood that can be folder and molded inspired on Life’s principles

In a recent research, a method has been found to fold hardwood into thin sheets and mold them into three-dimensional shapes that are light but exceptionally strong. The material turns out to be six times more robust than common wood and equal to some metal alloys.

The researchers comment “for the first time we have been able to mold this material as we do with metals and plastics.” This compound could be used for furniture, vehicles and buildings. In fact, another of the great advantages is being cheaper and sustainable, including  biomimicry life’s principles such as using life friendly chemistry  using low-energy processes and recycling, among others. To make this wood have these characteristics, its properties have been modified. One of these changes has been the removal of 50% of the lignin, a component that behaves like glue in natural wood, providing strength and rigidity.

Source: Anthropocene

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