Social company in India (KPLF) inspired in Biomimicry get to the final of the YSE program

Indian company Kanpur Flowercycling (KPLF) is a young social enterprise that has been on the shortlist for winning the YSE Global Program competition conducted by the Singapore International Foundation. KPLF is capable of converting religious ritual waste into biodegradable packaging and bio-leather. The production of this leather is ultra sustainable and is built on the principles of biomimicry and cyclicity

The company started with the »Clean Ganga» project where they tried to prevent the waste of flowers from the temples on the Ganga River. There they observed that a thick and fibrous mat grew in a pile of flowers formed by the vegetative phase of fungi called mycelium, capable of holding and sticking the material. This made it possible to convert the waste material into sheets.

Source: The Hindu Times 

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