Greenroad consultancy advises SKN (Part of Neumann Grüppe Kaffee) about its coffee sustainability program in Colombia

Since August 2021, Greenroad has begun to advise on the sustainability program in the coffee value chain for SKN Caribecafé, one of the most important originators of coffee in Colombia. SKN is part of the German company Neumann Grüppe Kaffee, one of the main marchandisers of standard and specialty coffees in the world.

The consultancy has incorporated biomimicry through life’s principles  in key areas such as regenerative agriculture through the use of polycultures and best soil practices , gender equality, empowerment of farmers and vulnerable population and economic sustainability. In addition, strategies have been incorporated for the global reduction of the carbon footprint through agroforestry activities, among others. The place of implementation in this case has been the Huila department in Colombia, this being the area with the highest production in the country. The program also involves the life’s principle “building cooperative relationships” between the private, public and the so-called third sector (NGO’s) in which each party plays a fundamental role. Thus, for example, European development cooperations provide funds for development, while private entities in conjunction with NGOs implement sustainability programs.

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