The Rosebud Sioux Indian Nation in South Dakota have made efforts in recent years to successfully reestablish a herd (called Wolakota) of bisons in an area of ​​approximately 11,000 hectares .Today 750 bison or buffalo roam this area and the tribe hopes to reach 1,200 this year. Beyond the increase of animals, the purpose of the tribe is the restoration of the ecosystem and their food security , in order to become a community with food sufficiency. 

The leaders of these and other indigenous communities in the United States share this vision and hope that Congress will approve the "Indian Buffalo Management Act". The tribes are convinced that the return of the bison to these lands will restore the ecological balance, which is in line with the ethical vision of biomimicry. Their sustainable agricultural practices can set an example for other indigenous groups around the world in terms of ways to generate food and conserve ecosystems.                      

Source: The Guardian 

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