Industries are constantly changing as their needs are impermanent. With the arrival of the concept of sustainability, there are companies, corporations or organizations that since recent years have decided to create areas dedicated to this topic. Architecture and design are not alien to these changes, since management or leadership positions have increased dramatically within this disciplines along with Fortune's 500 companies. This is a clear sign that issues related to care of the environment are becoming increasingly relevant. 

Further relevant than this information is that highly prestigious architecture firms are opting to create positions related to biomimicry. Such is the case of B+H (Canada), which has hired Jamie Miller as "Director of Biomimicry" , being the first position of this type. The objective is clear: to be inspired by the models of nature, reconnect with it and to usher these designs with an ethos that respects life and resources. We hope that in the following years opportunities like this will continue to sprawl, expanding the concept to more people in different parts of the world.           

Source: Fast Company  

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